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Glaucoma management

Glaucoma or ‘Kala Motia’ is a condition wherein an expanded intraocular weight harms the optic nerve consequently influencing vision. A liquid known as fluid sustains the front piece of the eye. In the typical eye, the rate of creation of watery matches the rate of its seepage, in this manner keeping up ideal weight inside the eye.

Glaucoma is likewise called the quiet hoodlum of sight on the grounds that in the beginning times of the sickness, there might be no side effects. When glaucoma is distinguished, the patient has endured broad fringe vision harm which can never again be reestablished. Early identification is the way to save vision. When recognized, glaucoma can be constrained by meds (eye drops) or medical procedure to forestall further vision misfortune. Treatment of Glaucoma is long lasting. Glaucoma treatment may incorporate restorative administration, careful administration or the executives by lasers.

The reason for glaucoma for the most part is a disappointment of the eye to keep up a proper harmony between the measure of inside (intraocular) liquid delivered and the sum that channels away.

Who Can Get it?

*Anyone can get glaucoma. Be that as it may, alongside different variables, you are at a higher danger of getting it in the event that it keeps running in your family. On the off chance that a nearby first-degree relative had it, at that point you should fix a yearly eye checkup as a general rule.

  • Diabetic/Hypertensive indivisuals
  • Prolonged utilization of oral/topical corticosteroids
  • Following eye Trauma/incendiary eye maladies, for example, uveitis.
  • Myopic eyes


  • Seeing colored halos around lights
  • Narrowing of vision (tunnel vision)
  •  Pain & Redness in the eye
  • Hazy Cornea  ( in infants)
  • Nausea or vomiting, headache
  • Frequent change of eye glasses

Types of Glaucoma:

There are two main types of glaucoma:

Open-edge glaucoma: Also called wide-point glaucoma, this is the most well-known kind of glaucoma. The structures of the eye seem typical, yet liquid in the eye does not stream appropriately through the channel of the eye, called the trabecular meshwork.

Edge conclusion glaucoma: Also called intense or incessant edge conclusion or thin edge glaucoma, this kind of glaucoma is less basic in the West than in Asia. Poor waste is caused in light of the fact that the point between the iris and the cornea is excessively thin and is physically hindered by the iris. This condition prompts an unexpected development of weight in the eye.

Treatment for Glaucoma?

Eye drops: When taken routinely and ceaselessly as recommended, eye drops control the eye weight either by moderating the arrangement of watery liquid inside the eye or by expanding the stream at the waste zone. The correct procedure of utilizing your medicine is a key to fruitful treatment. Our glaucoma expert or optometrist will show you this strategy.

Tablets: These are at times joined with the eye drops to diminish more elevated amounts of eye weight. They are infrequently known to cause shivering of fingers and toes, entrail anomalies, and in the long haul, kidney stones.

Laser medical procedure: Lasers are generally utilized in one of three different ways:

In open-point glaucoma the depleting edge itself is amplified to control eye weight.

In point conclusion glaucoma the laser makes a gap in the iris to open up and improve the progression of watery liquid to the channel.

In agonizing late-organize glaucoma medicine or medical procedure don’t control the weight. The laser shuts some watery liquid creating zones in the eye and brings down the eye weight.

Usable Surgery (Trabeculectomy)

Another seepage channel is made for the waste of watery liquid from the eye.

A few cases may require a Specialized Glaucoma Valve Surgery.

Medical procedure is suggested when our specialist feels that it is more secure to work than to permit optic nerve harm to proceed.

The best treatment for you ought to be chosen after an intensive examination and exchange with your expert.